New EP "Battles" Coming Summer 2020!

Hey friends! Excited to announce my new EP "Battles" is coming out July 3rd and I cannot wait to share it with you all! 

So at the beginning of the year, my new EP “Battles” wasn’t even on my mind. Then through my prayer time and speaking with the Lord, the prayers for my struggles began turning into songs. I felt like God was just writing out all my hurt and pain on paper. The difficult things that I was crying out to him about to fix in my life. This could possibly be the toughest project for me to put together emotionally but it has truly been so rewarding spiritually! I have this new look on all the things I’ve been blessed with and continuing to grow in my walk with Him! It’s not always easy, but I have the full armor of God on and I’m fighting my battles! 

The best part is that in Christ there is victory at the end!

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